Vitamins for Hair

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    I think diet is the foundation for health. If somebody isn't physically healthy ,then you can't expect to be healthy. You actually need to have EPA molecules in order to get good membranes for your cells so they function properly.

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The body works and runs itself through a series of chemical processes that have evolved as we have evolved, these reactions are only possible when there are different elements which can combine in our body to form the reaction needed.

These reactions are a constant, and many of the reactions are good for hair, they give new elements from which hair is composed, allowing for the change process of regular protein into keratin proteins. They put into motion a chain of events that sees the right nutrients transported to the location of cell multiplication and growth; the hair follicle itself.

They allow for bonding with proteins giving great hair good strength and plasticity. They allow the fuel of our fats and carbohydrates to be utilised in the creation of the excess energy that goes into growth. Hair growth vitamins promote hair growth on a great many fronts.

Hair Vitamins perform detoxifications in our body, removing impediments to growth, they can provide the fuel that makes our hair grow, allowing for the fats that make the lubricant oil for our hair growth, to be utilised. They keep us healthy which decreases the amount of time we will lose through being ill and resultantly having bouts of minimal hair growth.

They help to vary the general amount of time that the antigen growth phase will last for our hair, thereby ensuring that even if faster hair growth is not attained, that the growth of the hair will at least be steady, and at a constant. So too, they can work with the cuticle of the hair allowing for increased hair longevity through not allowing the pollutants of this world to oxidise our hair resource. It is in vitamins that we find the means for these enzyme reactions, and there are certain vitamins which are of greater benefit to hair growth and slowing hair loss than others.

Vitamin A is one not to be missed out on, its addition to the diet contributes to the durability of hair, by making it more flexible through the production of the natural hair lubricant sebum, this lubricant is formed in the sebaceous gland, feeding the moisture into the newly forming keratin that will push up through the surface of the skin when the hair follicle is filled to bursting point.

While hair grows at a consistent level, there are certain vitamins that we can bring into our diet in increased quantities with a view to increasing the speed at which the new keratin is formed. Biotin is the premier vitamin that we should consume to this end, but there are others also, and it is on these others that we will now focus.

Selenium will afford us a dandruff free and healthy scalp which can only aid our hair growth, zinc will ensure that shedding of hair is not supra-normal (20-100 hairs are shed) on any one day.  Alpha-linoleic acid will serve to condition the hair that grows, and calcium will ensure that the hair, skin, and nails we grow are of a strong composition.

The function of vitamins in the body is carried out through biochemical processes, and will in younger people allow for an even distribution of nutrients to the hair follicles within the scalp. In older persons they cannot carry out this function with such great hair growing effect, as the blood source is lessened to individual follicles as the volume of capillary loops sub scalp falls in older patients.  Folic acid however is a key to getting this blood based nutrition to the scalp area no matter what your age.

Inositol is useful for strong cell membranes, the barriers that protect the hair itself, and the hair follicle from bacterial infections, which can and will result in hair loss. Growing great hair fast is only possible through internal stimulation. Whilst there are a myriad of shampoos and otherwise that claim clinically to be capable of changing the speed at which hair will grow, or doing dynamic work with stimulating health for the hair, the fact of the matter is that the composition of hair is very difficult to change once it has actually departed the internal of the scalp.

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