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    I think diet is the foundation for health. If somebody isn't physically healthy ,then you can't expect to be healthy. You actually need to have EPA molecules in order to get good membranes for your cells so they function properly.

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Healthy hair vitamins are superior to other treatment methods, in that they are an all natural means of promoting hair growth. They have been used by our ancestors, and long before. In prehistory man was not so observant of the actual elements he was putting into his body, there was a natural function to all consumption of matter. When he was hungry, he found food, sucking marrow from bones discarded by predators, which in turn allowed for an evolution of the higher functioning brain we now enjoy.

It is only in the modern day that we have come to the point of fully understanding the chemical composition of the foods we consume. We have been able to break down which particular elements are good for us. We have been able to determine what does what, in the natural functioning of our bodies. Science has determined through observance, that hair vitamins are responsible for enzyme reactions in our bodies’ that illicit certain responses.

These responses include the conversion of energy from carbohydrates, and the combining with amino acids to produce stronger hair fibres in the keratin composition of our hair.

Understanding and experimentation has also found that there are few chemicals beyond the natural that have any determinant function beyond that offered by hair vitamins in promoting growth of our hair.

In your search for products that have the residual effect of promoting the growth of strong long and healthy growth it is easy to be sidetracked by the wild claims of many marketers with regards to the potential benefits of the products they offer. Any product you use should be natural and healthy hair vitamins.

There is only one certainty for hair, and this is a constant for the time being. The keratin strands once they leave the hair follicle when the hair follicle has been filled and has forced them out onto the surface are actually dead. There is no benefit with regards to speeding the process of hair growth therefore, by applying product of any nature to this area of the head.

Similarly there are only a small number of elements which have the low molecular weight which is necessary to go beyond the cell membrane, and get to action within the hair follicle itself. It has been determined that of those elements that can actually achieve this bridging of the membrane divide, the most effective are actually natural. In the main part any promotion of hair growth, needs to come from within the body itself. As it is dangerous to ingest any medication which is unnatural for reasons beyond being ill, it is important that what we ingest in the pursuit of the growth of strong, long and healthy hair is natural in origins.

The healthy hair vitamins, the B Vitamins and the E Vitamins, the composition of which I have already gone into detail, are available in forms of a supplementary nature. But it is important to note too, that as all of these elements are naturally occurring, and can be found in the food we eat, all of these can be obtained naturally without supplementary consumption.

Of course some are only present in foods in a trace amount, which may not be substantial enough for real progress, and the full capabilities of what hair vitamins can do for you to be achieved. By bolstering the quantities of these Hair Vitamins in our bodies’ we can bolster the bodies’ ability to conduct sustained and fast hair growth, but there is a always a sliding scale of effectiveness, i.e. double the amount of the Healthy Hair Vitamin does not double the speed of the hair growth.

If you are suffering from hair loss, from certain types of balding ailments, or just want to get your hair growth back to the speed at which it grew in your younger years supplements can help. Indeed the taking of larger quantities of these hair vitamins than is afforded in nature or possible through normal consumption of foods without experiencing weight gain, then a supplement which includes the particular hair vitamin in higher concentrations may be of benefit.

The most important factor to note, and the reason why I like to prescribe hair vitamins for my patients, is that as they are natural, high consumption of any of the hair vitamins has very limited negative effects. I am slower to promote medications outside of the natural elements we will find in our environment, as the negative repercussions of their taking can be more severe.

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