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    I think diet is the foundation for health. If somebody isn't physically healthy ,then you can't expect to be healthy. You actually need to have EPA molecules in order to get good membranes for your cells so they function properly.

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For a purer body you need ample quantities of antioxidants in your system, the less poisons in your body the quicker your hair can regenerate. Of course you will need to balance out your great diet with a wide range of food types, and drink plenty of water to assure the body has the diverse range of nutrients it needs to promote the growth of great hair. This great diet will make hair grow faster, but you also need to flush out the toxins from your body that would inhibit strong and healthy growth.

Malnourishment is just as bad as over nourishment, with the wrong food types in your diet inhibiting hair growth. We will go into that later again, but let us first look into anti-oxidants that detoxify, and take away the inhibitors of hair growth from the equation. The foremost anti-oxidant that you should let into your body is Vitamin C. It promotes radiance where poisons are eradicated, and is a cheaper and less intrusive solution than colonic irrigation. It works alongside fibre consumption in removing the bad elements from the body making a great diet more effective.

Getting the Vitamin into your system is a tasty process of consuming some of the more flavoursome fruits produced by nature. This vitamin enriches the fast hair growth potential of the body, it is in all citrus fruits, but it is abundant in strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and kiwis also. A failure to include adequate fruits and vegetables of this ilk will lead to negative health consequences, the decline in hair growth, and may even lead to excessive shedding as the body goes into a form of self destruct.

The added benefit with regards to hair is that, whilst your hair naturally oxidises due to pollutants in the air around us, the effects will be negated. Vitamin C enriches the protective coating of the hair, strengthening, and embalming the cuticle from root to tip.

Vitamin C uses a process of chemical reactions with many enzymes in the body working against oxidative stress, with its abilities to aid the healing of open wounds, and considering the open and vulnerable nature of the hair follicles in our scalp the benefits herein are obvious. Scurvy, and its suffering, is a symptom of Vitamin C deficiency not only resulting in the loss of teeth and bleeding gums, but the loss of hair also. It is a given that Vitamin C is an essential part of any diet contribution, but the volume that we should consume on a daily basis is still under debate.

Estimates of the best consumption rate ranges between 45 to 95mg on a daily basis. An added benefit of adequate Vitamin C intake is that the downtime in hair growth we experience during bouts of illness as a result of the common cold, is lessened through high intake.

Many animals are actually capable of synthesising their own Vitamin C through chemical processes pertaining to enzymes in their body, humans have no such ability to transform glucose into Vitamin C however, and as a result our intake needs to come from sources outside of our bodies.

Thankfully though, humans have the attribute of being able to retain Vitamin C in our bodies, making it acceptable for us not to consume Vitamin C on a daily basis.

It may not be necessary, but in your quest to use a great diet that assures healthy strong and fast growing hair, you need to pursue every avenue that exists, Vitamin C intake is one such route. Vitamin C is also known scientifically as ‘Ascorbic acid,’ the acidity can be felt and tasted with the ‘zing’ of citrus fruits on your tongue. It removes the badness from the body through diffusion and active transport, in other words through our sweat, urine and faecal matter.

It works by combining with enzymes that produce the reaction that converts the oxidants into a form by which they can be disposed, taking them beyond the plasma membrane and away from the body, away from your scalp and your means of producing great hair fast.

It should be noted that excessive intake of Vitamin C can have negative consequences for our health as well as positives, with higher rates of daily consumption not automatically denoting a higher output of toxins from our bodies, it has a sliding scale of effectiveness as the quantity is increased, with the supra-normal consumption passed out of the body without absorption, and health benefits if we are lucky, or adverse effects if we are not.

Indigestion can occur, as can diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. This should not deter you however from pursuing the fast hair and hair health improving qualities that come from having this anti-oxidant play its important function in getting your hair growth to the highest level attainable.

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