Mind 1st About Us

about Mind 1st About Us

Providing quality service to the world wide web since 2003.

Being family owned and operated we offer excellent
quality service with a personal touch.

We provide you with a great product and uncompromising service.

We offer the best Pure Epa essential oil  supplement there is !

Mind 1st is a family run mail order company selling high quality innovative
health supplements.

Our office is based in Preston Lancashire. Our Aim is to provide high quality
products backed by a quality service with a personal touch.

In the early days of the omega 3 essential oil  wave we found that most oils seemed to have
claims and it was very hard to cut through all the hype and misleading information
that we were presented with.

We also found it very hard to try and compare oils, one oil had this the other oil had that, with being
a suffer of CFS and bipolar I needed to take the best  supplement I
could find, but still we found it very hard to cut through all the information
that was being presented to us . So we set about researching and developing
the strongest grade of EPA  available on the world market

After taking the  oil supplement ourselves we all feel fantastic and
are enjoying all the related benefits, balanced mood, great concentration,
improved blood flow, fantastic hair, skin and nails, and much more. As the
repeat orders continue to flood in, it’s obvious to us our customers
are enjoying these benefits too.

Pure EPA is the strongest single dose of EPA available on the market today.

If you follow the dosage
guide lines of 1g per day you will not fail to see a difference.

We wish you all the best

Simon Jones