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  • Supporting Faster Hair Growth
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  • Keeping hair strong
  • Supporting the bodies natural hair growth systems
  • Smooth healthy skin
  • Stronger nails
  • Healthy nail growth
  • And much more…

“Quite simply the best hair, skin and nails  supplement we can buy.”—Dr Shaun Steven

Discover great hair growth at last with the strongest essential hair growth oil supplement on the world market.

With this free report, you can…

  • See the evidence that essential oils can help with hair growth,  skin rejuvenation, and help support many  other  parts of the body “naturally “.
  • Discover just why these essential oils are so great at supporting the body to allow your hair to grow quickly and naturally without any harsh nasty chemicals.
  • Learn that most of the research  was carried out using a ultra-high-concentration grade of essential oils that isn’t available to the general public—and the essential oils you buy on the high street are far too weak to have the desired effects on your hair.
  • Discover how you can obtain a bottle of this ultra-high-grade of essential oils that was previously only available to clinical researchers
  • Read how essential oils can help people of any age, including children

Are you having problems facing the day? Or do you just need more essentail oil in your diet?

Do you want to

  • Feel great
  • Look great
  • Have thick healthy hair
  • Have healthy smooth skin
  • Have quicker hair growth
  • A strong immune system
  • Improve your quality of your nails as well as your hair

If the answer is yes then you need to purchase an essential oil supplement as strong as Pure EPA to help support the body to be able to do all these things.

Either way you have come to the right place, and the solution is easier than you know!

Extensive newspaper articles and magazines have more than covered all the benefits that hair products containing  essential oils of this strength can bring, but are all the  essential oils supplements for hair growth the same?

The simple answer is NO, the chances that any other essential oils will bring you the healthy hair benefits that you are looking for are slim to remote!!  Why?  That comes down to the strength of the oil that this hair growth product contains, it’s currently unique on the world market.

Do you want to take a “standard off the shelf hair growth product ” or do you want to take an essential oil that has been researched and specifically manufactured to improve your hair , skin and nail health?

Do you want all these amazing benefits that have been reported over and over? Well read on because just “purchasing any old hair growth supplement” is not going to do it for you!

EPA essential oils is no miracle cure – rather it feeds the body the essential nutrient omega 3 EPA, and then this in turn replenishes  and boosts the levels of vital essential fatty acids your body needs to  help support your body’s natural “growth systems”   this will in time return  the body to the correct balance and helps your system deal with any imbalances you may have and thus radically improving overall hair growth , skin and nail growth!

But the real question is can this happen with the standard lets rub hair growth shampoo on to your scalp treatments?  Possibly , but it is certainly not the most effective way of making your hair grow quickly.  What you need to do is to support the body’s natural growth systems and the best way to do this is to take essential oils.

So let me explain a little bit about hair so you can better understand.

Each hair on your body grows from its own individual hair follicle. Inside the follicle, new hair cells form at the root of the hair shaft. As the cells form, they push older cells out of the follicle. As they are pushed out, the cells die and become the hair we see.

A follicle will produce new cells for a certain period of time depending on where it is located on your body. This period is called the growth phase. Then it will stop for a period of time (the rest phase), and then restart the growth phase all over again.

When the hair follicle enters the rest phase, the hair shaft breaks, so the existing hair falls out and a new hair takes its place. Therefore, the length of time that the hair is able to spend growing during the growth phase controls the maximum length of the hair.

Human hair seems to grow at a pretty consistent rate of about half a millimetre or so per day, or about half an inch every month (most authority sites seemed to agree on a specific rate of 0.44 mm per day). It may grow faster or slower depending on your age, your genetics and your hormonal state and most importantly your diet ( your are what you eat), but half a millimetre per day is a good average.

A study  was performed in Sao Paulo Brazil using essential oils.  The study was about hair growth and it seemed to show that with certain marine extracts and a nutrient called GLA you could not only increase the rate of growth but the number of hairs per square centimetre on your head…

“of course your hair will grow quickly, strong and healthy if you feed it the correct nutrients as that’s how your entire body works!!”

Many of the western world’s health problems can be attributed to poor nutrition. Supplying the body with the correct nutrients is vital to healthy hair. Starved of essential nutrients the body reacts, and as well as other health issues hair health can be compromised. Dull and unhealthy hair can often indicate other problems such as a lack of essential oil EPA and GLA.

The same principles apply to healthy hair as to a healthy garden; if you want a good lawn you need to maintain the soil underneath. To have a healthy head of hair, therefore, you need to make sure it is being fed the right nutrients from inside. This means improving your diet and ensuring it contains the right balance.

And remember it’s not what you put on the outside; it’s what you put in the inside that counts!! Healthy nutrition is what allows the bodys hair  to grow and heal properly!

So now you know that strong essential oils will help your hair grow and support all  growth systems , and that this fact is reported over and over in health magazines and other forms of media the wrong thing to do is pop along to the local supermarket or health food store to buy the cheapest oil you can find, sit back and wait for the amazing results.

Why ? Because when nothing happens and you don’t see these amazing benefits that have been reported you are left wondering why it hasn’t happened for you. The answer is simple, the essential oils capsules that you have bought are not the clinical grade 90% EPA essential oils that have been used successfully by people all over the world for over 7 years , you bought a cheap off the shelf product from your local supermarket.

And guess what? Essential oils of this strength cannot be found in health food shops or supermarkets, or chemists for that matter, only specialist sites like this can supply you with a hair growth supplement of that strength!

Articles and other media sources from around the world have continually shown that people who take a daily dose of 1 gram of EPA essential oils in the strength of Pure EPA notice  that their hair will grow quicker and the quality of the skin and nails is also dramatically improved.

News of our success with our clinical grade essential oil  supplement travelled fast within the media and one of the most respected health organizations began to hail our  supplement as a natural healthy alternative to nasty chemicals you have to rub on your head and scalp.


What this means to you, with a daily dose of Pure EPA oil  your way of life will change for the better, your concentration will improve, your general outlook on life will also improve and much much more.. You will start to see the major benefits in your hair skin and nails that have been so well documented over the years..


Quite simply if you are not using Pure EPA you are missing out on an inexpensive, simple, effective hair , skin and nail  improving supplement, and you are going to leave this site to purchase a chemical based substitute.

How does your clinical grade Pure EPA essential oils compare to other supplements?

The simple answer is, it doesn’t, you have come right to the very top of the tree in terms of strength of concentrate and purity. Our essential oils will do everything you want it to do because it is clinical grade!!! And it is quite simply the strongest and most effective hair support product money can buy.


We have literally thousands of happy returning customers (some of them doctors) who have seen first-hand what this oil can do for your hair skin and nails and just can’t quite believe how effective it really is when taken over time.

Each Pure EPA capsule contains around 300 mg of ultra-pure EPA. It is the purest (and arguably the most effective) all round beauty supplement on the world market.

Where does EPA come from?

In the 1980s, essential fatty acids hit the news in a big way because of a discovery by Danish researchers involving the Inuit’s living above the Arctic Circle in North America. Two things interested scientists about the Inuit’s: their unique diet, and their health. The Inuit diet is rich in cold-water fish and the fat of whales and seals. From such a massive fat intake, and a comparative lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, the scientists expected to find high levels of heart disease among the Inuit people. Yet the Inuit’s have unusually low levels of heart disease – and very low levels of rheumatoid arthritis as well not to mention the great hair.

When the scientists looked more closely at their diet, they discovered that the fish eaten on an almost daily basis by the Inuit people contains large amounts of  the fatty acid EPA. Further research has led to a consensus amongst scientists that a diet high in EPA essential oils significantly reduces the incidence of heart disease as well as having other really great health benefits such as fast hair growth , healthy skin and much more.

This led to the extraction of EPA in the form of essential oils supplements, to make it easier for people all over the world to include these essential nutrients in their everyday diet.

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What is EPA

EPA is the less tongue-twisting term used for eicosapentaenoic acid. This is a nutrient extracted from omega 3 fatty acids, the “good fats” found in oily fish such as sardines, salmon and mackerel. It is well known that modern diets, with their heavy reliance on processed and fast food, lack these important nutrients to help the body support.

The most effective essential oils have ever taken. My hair and nails are in great condition”

EPA and Hair Growth

It is now widely accepted that certain types of symptoms such as slow hair growth , dry skin, weak nails  are linked to a deficiency of long-chain fatty acids within the body, such as EPA and GLA, so it certainly makes sense that by adding these oils to the body this in turn is going to make a huge impact on the overall health , quality , feel and look of your hair , skin and nails .

In sourcing the strong brand Pure EPA, mind1st selected a world class manufacturer who conform to the strict requirements of the good manufacturing practise (GMP) and ISO 9001. The raw materials are sourced only from suppliers who can fulfil our  demanding quality criteria. Environmentally friendly techniques are used at all times. To create this rich and pure source of essential oil.

“Quick delivery, friendly team and a great product, I now have faster than normal hair growth EPA essential oils certainly does work, I also noticed some really fantastic other benefits that were not metioned on the site ”

What our EPA oil capsules will NOT do:

  • The oil does NOT cure baldness !
  • The oil does NOT cure male pattern baldness !
  • The oil does NOT cure Alopecia (as far as we know) !
  • The oil does NOT start making you sprout hair where you are currently bald !


More importantly, what the oil WILL do for you:

  • Support the bodys natural hair growth systems
  • Help your exsisting hair grow faster , healthier and shiny
  • Help to give you smooth soft healthy skin
  • Help to give you strong , faster nail growth

If you are looking for all the benefits that EPA essential oils can bring, then do not accept a weaker substitute they just don’t work! And as for rubbing harsh chemicals onto your head, well that’s a different matter !


This essential oil is unique!! No other essential oil on the world market can claim to have a 90% concentrate of EPA, with the added bonus of 100 mg of Borage oil per capsule with a GLA content of 24%! Make no mistake if you are looking for a beauty product that is going to have great effects on your hair growth and skin quality then look no further !



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